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In Your Home Pet Sitting

The alternative to taking your pet to the kennel. They get to stay in their stress-free home while you are away on vacation. It also provides security to your home. Visits are tailored to your pet's needs.

All Pet Sitting includes:
-Free meet and greet to establish a bond between the pet sitter and your pet and to find out the needs of your pets.
-Free Home Security Check
- Feeding and fresh water
- Medication administration including insulin injections
- Daily Grooming


$20 for the first visit
$15 for each additional visit per day
$10 for each additional dog

30-45 minute visit where your dog will be treated like royalty. The visit includes a 20-30 minute walk or time in the yard, some play time, treats, loving and all his feeding requirements. We will try to keep your dogs routine while you're away so you come home to a healthy and happy dog. We will also make sure your yard is free of any land mines (i.e. poop).
We recommend 2-4 visits a day to keep your dog happy and content.


$15 for the first visit
$10 for each additional visit per day
$5 for each additional pet

15-20 minute visit where you cat will be pampered with love and attention. Your cat will get lots of pets, snuggles, and play time. We will even keep their litter box nice and clean and fresh.
We recommend at least one visit a day to make sure your loved cat is healthy and happy.

Small Animals

$15 for each visit

Pets include Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, Reptiles, Fish and Birds

10-30 minute visit

Even the small animals needs need some TLC while you are away. The visit is catered to your pets needs. We will keep their home (cage) nice and clean. We will also do some socializing if required.
We recommend one visit a day
or one every other day depending on feeding and cleaning requirements

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