Dog Walking & Mid-day Visits

Weekday Dog Walking

$15 for 30 minutes
$135 for 10X punch card

$20 per hour
$180 for 10X Punch card
$10 each additional dog in same house hold 
Private dog walking where your dog gets one on one attention. Good for dogs who do not do well with other dogs. They will get the exercise they need when you're at work.
At first the walks will be on leash to build a relationship between the dog and walker. If the dog requires extra exercise off leash, walks at a dog park will be offered after bond is established.

Mid-day Visit

$13 for a 15 minute visit
$122.50 for 10X Punch card

$15 for a 30 minute Visit
$135 for 10X Punch Card

$20 per hour
$180 for 10X Punch Card

This visit is designed for puppies or senior dogs who are unable to go for walks but need a break outside to do their business. This visit may include feeding, and medication if needed.